‘Be still and know that I am God’

Surrounded by chaos and complexity, stillness is our form of resistance. 

Stillness becomes our subversive rebellion. 

It’s the way we fight against the magnetic pull of noise and hurry. 

We breathe deeply. 


We quieten the chatter in our heads. 

We rest our striving hearts. And we trust. 

We trust that He’s enough. 

We trust that we’re enough. 

In the stillness we remember that we are not what we produce.

That we are not machines.

That we are more than vehicles through which He gets His work done.

In the stillness the sediment settles and we see more clearly. 

We hear more clearly. 

And we remember that we are loved.

Published by

Pastor Duncan Clark

I love being married to Helen. I love being dad to Ben, Hannah, Daniel and Ruby. I love being the Senior Pastor of Coventry Elim Church ( I love that I get to run, read, lead and loads of other great stuff!

One thought on “Stillness

  1. Please can you put this on a billboard, or a poster, or a book mark or anything… it’s absolute gold.


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