Heart & Hands

There are many styles of leadership. Many ways to lead: Autocratic. Democratic. Charismatic. And then there’s the David way: HEART and HANDS. ‘David shepherded them with integrity of HEART; with skilful HANDS he led them.’ (Psalm 78:72) The shepherd-king took his employment experiences and maximised them for his leadership responsibilities. David took his experience of … Continue reading Heart & Hands

Leadership Buzz

I had just cancelled my life. At least, that’s how it felt. The Prime Minster had called for a Lockdown. I called my leadership team and we cancelled everything. Sunday: cancelled. Youth ministry: cancelled. Kid’s ministry: cancelled. Prayer: cancelled. Staff meetings: cancelled. Everything I loved: cancelled. And then the silence came. The vacuum of an … Continue reading Leadership Buzz

One Thing?

I believe in one-thing-living. I believe in one-thing-thinking. I believe in finding focus in a world of multiple distractions. I believe that the pursuit of one-thing gives much needed motivation, direction and clarity. (Check-out Philippians 3:13 if you don’t believe me.) I believe that double-mindedness brings instability. (Check-out James 1:8 if your don’t believe me.) … Continue reading One Thing?