Cold Turkey

I decided to go cold turkey.  I had just experienced one of those beautifully fulfilling Sundays that church leaders crave. So many signs of love and life crammed into one room. I left the noise and the activity of a Sunday, and I entered the silence and stillness of retreat. The first Monday of sabbatical. … Continue reading Cold Turkey

Heart & Hands

There are many styles of leadership. Many ways to lead: Autocratic. Democratic. Charismatic. And then there’s the David way: HEART and HANDS. ‘David shepherded them with integrity of HEART; with skilful HANDS he led them.’ (Psalm 78:72) The shepherd-king took his employment experiences and maximised them for his leadership responsibilities. David took his experience of … Continue reading Heart & Hands

Leadership Buzz

I had just cancelled my life. At least, that’s how it felt. The Prime Minster had called for a Lockdown. I called my leadership team and we cancelled everything. Sunday: cancelled. Youth ministry: cancelled. Kid’s ministry: cancelled. Prayer: cancelled. Staff meetings: cancelled. Everything I loved: cancelled. And then the silence came. The vacuum of an … Continue reading Leadership Buzz

Spaces and Places (and why we should invest in church buildings!)

The building is not the Church. The Church is the people. Agree? Meet too! The Church of Jesus Christ can meet together under a tree, in a home, in a rented cinema, in a school hall, in a market-square, in secret or in a purpose-built auditorium. The location is largely irrelevant; it’s about God’s people … Continue reading Spaces and Places (and why we should invest in church buildings!)