Willpower or Want-power?

Willpower is not enough. In our efforts to change, willpower only takes us so far. I’ve found that willpower diminishes throughout the day. I start the day with good intentions. I employ my willpower in the morning and I eat muesli with fruit. By the end of the day my willpower-tank empties and I’m eating … Continue reading Willpower or Want-power?

25 Lessons from 25 Years of Leadership

When can you speak with ‘authority’ on a subject? I’ve always been secretly sceptical of parents of toddlers who give lectures on parenting, and couples who have been married for two years taking marriage classes! How long do you have to have been a leader before you can give leadership advice? I’m not sure! Is … Continue reading 25 Lessons from 25 Years of Leadership

One Thing?

I believe in one-thing-living. I believe in one-thing-thinking. I believe in finding focus in a world of multiple distractions. I believe that the pursuit of one-thing gives much needed motivation, direction and clarity. (Check-out Philippians 3:13 if you don’t believe me.) I believe that double-mindedness brings instability. (Check-out James 1:8 if your don’t believe me.) … Continue reading One Thing?